Ikkaido, UK

Ikkaido is an Non-Governmental Organization with Consultative Status to the United Nations whose activities focus on the field of diversity and inclusion for people with fewer opportunities, especially persons with a disability, in sport, education, empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship.

European Physical Education Association, Luxembourg

The European Physical Education Association (EUPEA) is a non-profit and Non-Governmental Organization of national Physical Education Associations. EUPEA promotes Physical Education (PE) and School Sport in Europe through various partnerships with other organizations and individual experts and professionals.

University Of Cyprus, Cyprus

The University of Cyprus participates in the DIPHE Project through the Software Engineering and Internet Technologies (SEIT) Laboratory, an integral part of the Department of Computer Science. SEIT focuses its research activities on two important areas of Information Technology, namely Software Engineering and Internet Technologies.


The Institute for Studies in Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement is an NGO working in the field of diversity and inclusion for youth, women and girls and all persons with fewer opportunities. We are experts in the development of well-being and empowerment associated with accessible and inclusive education, employment, and entrepreneurship.


All INSIDE EU managers, employees and trustees are people with disabilities and fewer opportunities. This level of neurodiversity allows us to develop community-led initiatives that tackle the heart of social exclusion. We engage with the most marginalised people, empowering them towards active participation in employment, entrepreneurial, civic and democratic contexts.