Ikkaido, UK

Ikkaido is an Non-Governmental Organization with Consultative Status to the United Nations whose activities focus on the field of diversity and inclusion for people with fewer opportunities, especially persons with a disability, in sport, education, empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship.

Aux Couleurs Du DEBA, France

A Non-Governmental Organization, born in 2008 and located in the Bordeaux Metropolis, Aux Couleurs Du DEBA focuses on the promotion of youth engagement and education in topics such as sport, disability, gender equality, freedom of expression, citizenship, discrimination, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, etc.

European Physical Education Association, Luxembourg

The European Physical Education Association (EUPEA) is a non-profit and Non-Governmental Organization of national Physical Education Associations. EUPEA promotes Physical Education (PE) and School Sport in Europe through various partnerships with other organizations and individual experts and professionals.

University Of Cyprus, Cyprus

The University of Cyprus participates in the DIPHE Project through the Software Engineering and Internet Technologies (SEIT) Laboratory, an integral part of the Department of Computer Science. SEIT focuses its research activities on two important areas of Information Technology, namely Software Engineering and Internet Technologies.

Ikkaido Inclusive Martial Arts, Ireland

Ikkaido Inclusive Martial Arts is a young, innovative charitable non-profit based in the town of Tralee in the County of Kerry, a remote part of Ireland with a resultant large community of young people with fewer opportunities. Ikkaido’s board contains both disabled and non-disabled people. Ikkaido have vast experience in developing inclusion tools and inclusive, transferable games that can be used for any ability or disability and in any sport.
In Japanese, “IKKAI” means One and “DO” means The Way. One Way reflects that many different types of martial arts and people with different abilities can come together to participate in a Celebration of the skills of martial artists under common rules. IKKAIDO also means The Ancient Way and The Great Way of Happiness reflecting both the traditional roots and the pleasure of learning and participating IKKAIDO is unique in that is an participant-centred organisation.
People are not expected to adapt to IKKAIDO, instead IKKAIDO is adapted so that disabled and disadvantaged people can participate Ikkaido uses the iconic nature of martial arts to encourage physical activity for people who don’t normal participate. Ikkaido create inclusive sessions for people with fewer opportunities who are disabled. disadvantaged or living with poverty. Ikkaido have participation programmes for women and girls, young children, older people and migrant communities. Ikkaido specialise in projects that promote bio-psychosocial well-being and personal development, and work to build and strengthen inclusion in traditional communities and the new modern communities of social media. Ikkaido use martial arts to create volunteering, education and employment opportunities for people who are marginalised in society. Ikkaido is a member of the Irish Martial Arts Commission and TAFISA, The Association for International Sport for All, which is a federation of the International Olympic Committee.